Our Story...

CA80 PCB My name is Tom. 9030 PLC I'm founder of the Automation Systems Company.

Our history has started with first Zilog Z80 based controller which I have developed from kit in 1992. The kit called CA80 microcomputer was build by MIK company from Raszyn, Poland. This simple microcomputer was very good documented with set of manuals allowing to learn the basics of electronics and microelectronics in few weeks. Nowadays we shall call CA80 an 'embedded kit'. At former times it was programmable using hard to code the assembly mnemonics. The regular tape recorder was adopted to provide storage for the programs. Afterwards an expansion kit for EEPROM programming was available. I have been using CA80 basically for simple home lighting control.

CA80 Microcomputer Followed by the idea I have started university studies at Silesian Technical University on the Automation and Robotics faculty. Shortly after my graduation as I have founded the AUTOMATION SYSTEMS business. PLC RX3i The industrial adventure with SCADA systems and PLCs has started.

At the moment we may offer you the professional enginerring force able to provide the services related to the HMI/SCADA systems software integration as well as PLC programming, commissioning and training. For the details please check up our profile.

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